Slot machine test: roundabout

I hope you get here no headaches, because mercury in the roundabout, in the new rounds are shot sends you in the slot machines of "Roundabout". But that's not so bad, because only rotating rollers help you win. With one according to manufacturer 96,00% theoretical payout percentage are the chances of winning not by bad parents. Overall the slot machine is quite clear, both its functions, as also the symbols and subject lines. And nevertheless "Roundabout" can be see. There are always profits even in normal operation, also the "roundabout" feature allows you to accumulate a few additional amounts. Overall a round thing that can make worthwhile a visit at the online casino for you.

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Roundabout play online

The design of the slot fits like the fist on the eye. Roads and cars are the main characters in "Roundabout". But the police officer is of course not to forget, especially not just to the pretty looking site is. Fundamentally it comes only once, to collect the same symbols in a row. Real possibilities of intervention not you of course and have to hope the luck with the rollers. That turn each round new and friends appears immediately, whether or not doing winning.

The rows of identical symbols may be not somewhere. They only count as a win if they are on a payline, and only then, when they start on the left reel. Other motives may not interrupt the series. There are a total of five payline. Each line covers five areas and ranges from the first up to the last reel. Three lines pull horizontally over the rolling mill, the others are an also to the other diagonal step does not move and.

The symbols in the slot roundabout

Making 9 and 10 the base in "Roundabout", which is the value. At least you get clean again the usage here in a series with three symbols. Not every slot machine is so lucrative for the simple symbols. The letters go already something lush to the point and provide a good basis for the slot machines. The simple symbols are by their nature more often in a round.

You will have

even more pleasure on the picture icons, because they bring ordinary profits. Here are the three cars, where the red car brings befitting more profit with it. A payline with five red cars exist for use with 200 multiplied by.

The police officer is not only more beautiful than all the cars, but also valuable. Fürs account brings you twice as much as the red car on the scales, but also a wild symbol can be added with the other series. She also has the advantage of already two fields to include.

Interestingly, there is still a second wild symbol in the form of the sign for a roundabout. This "roundabout" feature ensures that the medium-sized rollers rotate again and there was a COP free on top.

Slot machines instructions by roundabout

If you want to do only time carefully first attempts at driving, you can do for free and even at Sunmaker Casino without registration. You're making real gains only with real, of course. This requires a login in the online casino. You may choose your bet before each round or directly with "Max usage" screw all the way up. In the paytable, you can see the effects of your respective operations.

Also the risk functions contribute to that "Roundabout" slot machine is a genuine mercury. You have the choice between maps and the head. In both cases is the 50/50 chance to increase your profit. If you have bad luck but, you completely lose the amount. The options especially for smaller winnings, which still not quite so zufrieden you are useful. At high amounts would rather take the foot off the gas.

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